How To View Private Instagram Accounts

In this rapidly changing technological era, social media plays a critical and far-reaching role in influencing the lives of people and societies. People have swiftly adapted to the workings of social media and technology.

With just a click, people can access various information sites. They can connect to other people even if they are sitting at two different corners of the world.

Social media has a variety of platforms. It includes many applications that are intensely used by millions of people like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, twitter, and many more.

Talking about Instagram, it is one of those social media platforms which has garnered over millions of active users. Launched in 2010, Instagram is the application that offers people to post, share, like, comment on the various pictures, videos, news, or feeds uploaded by its users.

Anyone with the age of 13 or above can create their account profile. All you have to do is follow some simple steps. Start with registration via email and then select a username of your choice, and that’s it! The free of cost app is available on apple iOS, android, and windows phone.

The workings of Instagram

Its security features

Besides being a highly interactive and gratifying application, Instagram is also safe. It does not compromise with the security and safety of its users. It offers the option to either create a private profile or a public profile.

When one chooses to enjoy a public account, any user of Instagram can view, like, share, or comment on the posts uploaded by that particular person.

However, when one creates a private account, the people who are not in the following list will not be able to view their accounts. In simple words, only the followers can see the posts or the stories uploaded by the user.

How to view private Instagram Accounts

People are incredibly eager and curious to see the posts and profiles of a private Instagram user. Due to this piqued interest of people, there is one question that frequently pops up every time. Is it possible to view private Instagram accounts? The answer to this question is no!

However, that’s not how Instagram used to be when it was, first developed. Not from the mobile, but the profile of a private account could be viewed on the desktop. That’s right!

The steps were to open your Instagram account on your desktop and search for that particular private account user. When you enter the private account, simply click on the ‘show more’ segment, and all the posts and photos of that account will appear on the screen.

But in no time, Instagram realized this one big flaw and revised its security options and facilities. And now there are no such ways which exist.

Ways to view private Instagram accounts.

We will start with the basics.

A follow request!

Somewhere it is true that nobody wants to look like some creepy stalker, who will go to any extent to interact with some other ig user. If you’re going to maintain your ethics and integrity, it is highly recommended to opt for the best and most simple way of viewing any private profile.

Send a follow request. It is a straightforward way that can offer you the facility to view any private Instagram account.

To begin, one needs to send a request to the person you want to follow and view the profile. That particular user receives a notification regarding the following request. And if all goes well and the user accepts the request, you can see their uploaded photos and posts? They can even send you the follow back request!

Another trick you can try is to ask the private account profile directly. You can direct message them and tell them how you feel.

You can message them that you would like to chat or communicate with them in a friendly manner. But you should be very careful with your words. Avoid using harsh or desperate driven words, which might negatively affect the user.

Here are some tips which one can follow while trying to communicate with some other person on Instagram-

Politeness is the key!

Remember being polite and steady with your words; you should avoid using any kind of harsh words or grim phrases.

Be calm and patient

once you have sent the following request, try being calm and patient, till they revert to you.

Inform or interact

If the person whom you have sent the follow request if you long lost friend, or someone knew, you can also try to interact with them via direct message or can inform them about you or your past friendly relations.

Create a fake Instagram account id

When direct messaging or sending a request doesn’t work, you can opt for this option—the option of creating a fake or bogus Instagram account or id. But mind you, this is the most unethical and improper means of viewing a private account profile.

One should carry this step at your own risk. A fake id can be created by creating and logging into a new email id and a false name.

But in this process as well, there are some point which is taken care of, when creating a fake profile

  • Try creating a realistic id, with not a very unique or expensive username. You can also try to add a decent profile photo, which suits your needs. A female or girl profile photo is always recommended.
  • The bio section should not be empty. Try to add some sober and prudent elements of your personality.
  • One thing to be noted is that you should always make your fake id a private one. It can add some curiosity and interest among the other users.

With all these steps followed or taken care of, all you need is to send the request to that user you want to follow or view their private account.

If everything works perfect, they can accept your fake id follow request, or even send the follow back request. Though it hugely depends on the fake profile you have created.
But this improper and corrupt step should be avoided since it can even land you in some trouble.

The Instagram viewer tools

When all the steps mentioned above fail, the last option which you can avail is of downloading some Instagram Profile viewer tools. That’s right! These tools exist! But opting for this step can be risky and precarious. Some of these apps might steal your personal and device information, which can cause severe trouble and inconvenience.

However, don’t you worry, the following listed applications are the ones that are, developed to protect the user from any kind of legal exposure.

Insta dp

when talking about the Instagram viewer tools, insta dp is probably the best option available. This user-friendly app can be used to view private Instagram profile. All you have to do is to follow some simple steps.

The steps require you to copy and paste the Instagram username of the person whose profile you wish to view. Just tap the ‘search’ button.

With answering some survey questions, you can view the private profile of the respective user. This app also has a proper responsive support service, which allows you to resolve all your queries regarding the application usage or its functioning.

Private Insta

Like the insta dp app, this excellent app works in the same manner. It allows you to view the private Instagram accounts anonymously.

Private Insta

Just copy-paste the username and click the’ submit’ button.

After the app has successfully searched the account, all you have to do is to answer simple survey questions. After the survey is completed and submitted, you can easily view the respective profile.

Insta looker

When you have successfully downloaded the app, click the ‘spy now’ button. It allows you to enter the username of the private account holder and search for it. If the username exists, it further allows you to click on the ‘continue’ button. Again, you have to undergo a simple survey, and you will be able to view the private account.

Some other apps which can be, used are

  • watch insta
  • insta spy

Thus, these were some apps which one can use to view the private profiles of Instagram users. It is highly advisable to be extra careful and conscientious while using such an app. But these apps have to be accessed and used on your own risk!


Instagram is currently enjoying the status of being one of the most used social media platforms. Its various sensational and extraordinary features and facilities attract many users daily. Instagram truly values the privacy policies of its users.

However, still, some people have an undying urge to view the private accounts of various other Instagram users. We have briefly mentioned three ways, which can be adopted, to view private Instagram profiles.

Among the ways mentioned in the article, the first method is the best, ethical, and legitimate way to follow and opt. If it does not fulfill your purpose, then you can carry on with the other two options at you own risk!

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