Best Screen Mirroring Apps

Best Screen Mirroring Apps List 2020

Are you planning to watch a movie with your family? But you have the file on your phone, and you are not really in the mood to go through all the hassles of wire and projector. Now you have an easy way out. Have you ever heard of screen mirroring? Screen mirroring is an easy, hassle-free way with just a few clicks.

What is screen mirroring?

Screen mirroring is a technology that enables you to mirror your phone screen on your smart TV screen. Now, by turning on your screen mirroring option, you can enjoy movies, videos, music, photos, games, etc. on the big screen with your friends and family.

Screen mirroring option is available in iOS, Android, and windows. It is excellent when you are playing games with your friends or showing- off your recent trip pictures.

Screen mirroring in smart TV

With compatible smartphones and smart TV, screen casting can be done easily. For different operating systems, it has different settings and compatibilities.

For Apple Smartphones:

You can easily connect your iOS apple device to your smart tv using airplay.
Android users can also connect their 4.2 or higher version android smartphones with their smart TV using Miracast wireless display standards.

As for your smart TV, these days, almost all the smart TV with Wi-Fi connectivity has the screen mirroring option.
How to connect your smartphone to your tv?

Android Users:

● Turn on the screen mirroring under the input menu on your TV.
● Turn on the screen mirroring option on your smartphone under the wireless display menu option.
● Select your TV as the device and establish a connection.

Apple Ios Users:

● Ensure that your iPhone and the apple or you airplay compatible smart TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.
● Find the video you want to play.
● Click on .or in case of photos.
● Choose your TV as the device and establish a connection.

Best Screen Mirroring Apps

There are many screens mirroring apps available on the play store. Here, I have mentioned some best apps, along with their features. You can use any app as per your preference and start screen mirroring easily:



TeamViewer can help you connect your other devices easily and control remotely.

  • Easy screen sharing and easy control of other devices.
  • Contacts management and computer connectivity
  • Easy Chat option available
  • East bilateral file transfers
  • Best security standards.

Chrome Remote Desktop:

Chrome Remote Desktop:

This app by Google gives you secure connectivity with your android devices.

  • Completely free app
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS compatible
  • Option for remote support which provides user on-time support in case of any issue
  • User-friendly interface
  • High-level security by PIN requirement every time you log in with a new device

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Google Home:

Easy control for all your google and chrome devices like Chromecast, Chromecast audio, etc.

  • Easy control over all your google devices
  • Dashboard content as per your liking and preferences
  • Accessible guest mode allowing anyone to connect to your home but not through your Wi-Fi network
  • Easy access to your shopping list by just adding items through your voice.

Microsoft Remote Desktop:

Microsoft Remote Desktop

This app provides you with easy access to your windows desktops and apps remotely.

  • Premium video and audio quality
  • Great multi-touch experience
  • Connection management from the connection center made easier
  • Highly secure connection to your applications and data

Vnc Viewer:

Vnc Viewer

VNC viewer provides you with easy access to your desktop from anywhere in the world through your android device.

  • You can access your Mac, Android, Linux, and Windows desktop remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • A unique feature of controlling your desktop hardware parts like mouse etc.
  • Direct connectivity to any enterprise-subscription or any VNC- supported software. All sessions are encrypted end-to-end and password protected.
  • Easy sync and recovery with all your devices.



Letsview gives you a free screen mirroring option for android and iOS screen, compatible with multiple smart devices platform.

  • Compatible for multiple mirroring protocols, including miracast and airplay.
  • You can also click pictures and broadcast live video content using mobile apps.
  • Helpful tools are allowing users to screen mirror AR, VR, or drone.
  • You can mirror your screen from remotely using a PIN code or QR code to connect. It provides three available connection methods.
  • You can play mobile games on your pc as well, like PUBG mobile.


A power is a mirror screening and controls Android from pc using mouse and keyboard. It is compatible with miracast and DLNA protocols and can be used to mirror TV, pc or other mobile devices.

  • Easy screen recording while screen mirroring, and also, you can take screenshots easily with one click.
  • You can easily send messages using your computer keyboard. You can also change the input method on your PC directly.
  • You can also get all your android phone notifications easily on your pc.
  • Not only it allows you to mirror your phone to pc or TV, but you can also do another way around. You can also mirror your pc to your phone.


Connect any phone or tablet to your TV quickly and by free screen mirroring enjoy movies, videos, games, etc. on the big screen.

  • Easily connect your device to your TV and mirror your screen.
  • It provides you with a secure connection to protect your data files and applications.
  • It is a straightforward and user-friendly free app.
  • Instantly stream movies, games, and photos, etc.


As I told you all about what is screen mirroring and how to do it? All the various apps are available that you can get on your phone and mirror your screen easily. So, now you know what to do when next you are tired of looking at the small screen of your phone or want to enjoy a movie with your family or play games with your friends.

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