Nintendo Switch Not Charging

Nintento Switch Not Charging – Quick Fix

Nintendo Switch is a gaming system that can transform into three different modes. You could use its TV mode to enjoy HD quality gaming on your TV screen.

Use switch on the Tabletop mode using the flip stand on the device for a multiplayer gaming experience or as a handheld console. It provides an ultimate gaming experience regardless of the modes.

The Switch allows you to attach two types of controllers, which can be used according to your convenience and the game you are playing.

The Nintendo Switch also comes in 2 color variants and has the console along with the charging dock, adapter, controller with straps (Joy-Con), Joy-con grips, and an HDMI cable bundled up.

For some instant two-player fun, remove the two controllers, flip the stand and begin the fun. With exclusive games like Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros, and many others, you are sure to remain entertained for a long time.

So, whether you want a home console or a portable gaming device, Nintendo Switch has it all.

Solve the issue – Nintendo Switch not charging

Despite being a great gaming console, the Nintendo Switch has a 4310mAh Lithium-ion battery giving the Switch has a short battery life that offers around 3 hours of battery life against the 6-hour claim made by Nintendo.

A major factor for shorter battery life is due to the power required by each game you play; some drain your battery faster than others.

Another major issue encountered by many of its customers is that the console won’t charge at all.

A blank screen that won’t turn on is an absolute nightmare for any Switch owner, but since it is a recurring issue on many of the devices, there are some ways that you can handle the issue.

There are a few reasons for Charging issue:

  • Since the Nintendo Switch has a smaller battery, it may take up to 1 hour for the console to show signs of powering up.
  • In some cases, a faulty adapter or the power strip fails to charge because the Switch is not switching on.
  • Use of a cheaper adapter that might be available on the market that does not have the required output.

Lastly, issues like software glitches can also cause the issue.

Other Nintendo Switch Charging Troubleshhot :

  1. Plugin the charger and leave the console for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour (longer in some cases). Ensure that the console is connected properly to the charging dock and that the USB connector is allowing power to the dock.
  2. Check the adapter- It is strictly advised that you use the original Nintendo adapter (Model Number HAC-002). Check the adapter’s cable for any possible damage or breakage.
  3. Try plugging it into different power outlets as well. Replace the adapter cable, in case you suspect it as a possible reason for the issue. Only use the original adapters.
  4. You can reset the AC adapter by leaving it unplugged from both ends for a minimum of 30 seconds.
  5. Use a direct wall outlet instead of an extension cord or a power strip. It will help eliminate the chances of a faulty power board.
  6. Perform a forced reset- In a case where none of the above tricks has helped, you will have to reset the console by pressing and holding down the power button for 12-15 seconds. Once this is done, plug it into the charger and wait for a while.

If none of the above options works, you would have to contact Nintendo for further assistance. Do not try to repair the device on your own as it could damage the internal parts.


Nintendo Switch is a fun gaming console that can be played alone as well as with your buddies. The issue related to its battery life and charging is a concern, but the overall experience with this console and its games is sure to leave you satisfied.

Using some of the above tips may help you overcome the issue related to charging the console. Happy Gaming!!!

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