Minecraft enchantments List

Minecraft Enchantments List And How To Use

Minecraft is a video game that can be played individually or with others. You can bring your dreams alive in the creative mode and play without breaking a sweat.

You can make things interesting in survival mode by finding your food and supplies, all while mining with the characters in the game. There’s also a hardcore mode and a spectator mode.

The game is available on android devices, iOS devices, and also Xbox 360. The game is referred to as a ‘sandbox video game’ where you build, mine, battle mobs, and explores the changing landscapes of Minecraft.

A single person originally founded the game. His name is Markus Persson, and he sold it to Microsoft for 2.5 Billion Dollars. It has crossed all limits. Minecraft is up against Fortnite for the title of “The Most Important Game of the Decade.”

Minecraft in Daily Life

Minecraft is famous not only among kids but also among educators. They have been using Minecraft as an interactive and inclusive method to help kids through problem solving and teamwork.

Apart from that, some teachers have figured out ways to teach students history, math, physics, and even biology!

The game has proven to be so popular that amid the corona virus crises, the Polish government’s Ministry of Digitization has introduced a Minecraft server to keep people in their homes without getting bored.

The initiative includes creating a Minecraft server with tournaments and other interactive games. It is also said to have a competition to see who has created the best architecture.

What are Minecraft Enchantments?

Enchantments are simply power-ups. These are added to items as a special bonus by using enchantment table, anvil, or game command.

The higher the XP level cost, the enchantment will be more powerful. Each item has different types of enchantments.

Some of the best Minecraft enchantments of all time include:

  1. Infinity: This gives you unlimited ammo for your bow arrows damage.
  2. Unbreaking: This enchantment reduces your chances of losing your items to durability and ensures that enchanted gear, can be used for much longer.
  3. Mending: This enchantment allows the payers to fix their intense, thus not allowing the item to wear off.
  4. Fortune: This enchantment gives you multiple drops per block. It is beneficial while collecting items.
  5. Silk touch: This enchantment is not necessary, but it protects you so much time and effort. It helps you destroy blocks without them breaking into their lower form.

Some of the worst enchantments are The Curse of Vanishing, The Curse of Binding, Frost Walker, Impaling, and Fire Aspect.

Steps To enchant an item with the help of an enchanting table

  1. First, you need to open the enchanting table and place 15 bookshelves around it. It ensures that you can maximize all the available enchantments.
  2. Next, you need to add the items to enchant them.
  3. Last but not least, you need to select the enchantments that you would want to apply to the item.

Steps To enchant an item by using an anvil

  1. First, you need to place the anvil
  2. Next, ensure that you put yourself in front of the anvil to use it.
  3. The next step is to enchant the item
  4. Now you need to move the enchanted items to inventory

Using an enchantment command is like using a cheat sheet. To avail of enchantment, all you need to do is open the chat window. Type in the command and choose the enchantment from an enchantment list.

Enchantments can be added to armor, swords, pickaxe, axe, shovel, shears, bow, fishing rod, trident, crossbow, knockback, and other tools.

How many Minecraft Enchantments can an item have?

This is a question that has drawn the attention of many players as no one has been able to answer it correctly. Some say that you can add every enchantment that is compatible with an item as long as it doesn’t conflict with existing enchantments.

However, other people say that this is possible, but it is a terrible idea as it only increases your cost of repair as you move up Maximum level.

Few people also suggest not having more than three enchantments on an item due to this reason. One user suggested that enchantments are limited by the number of times an item can be used on an anvil. It is because once an item is used on an anvil, the repair cost becomes double.

New Minecraft Enchantments List

Soul Speed

This is a unique enchantment that only works on boots. It allows you to walk on soul sand much faster and leaves a particle effect when you walk on the soil or sand.


Chopping is still in the testing phase, but this brand new enchantment increases the power of an axe by stunning shields and does a lot of damage. The axe will now be seen as a weapon as well and not just as a sharpness tool.

Fire Trail

Gives the player a trial of fire protection as they dodge, creating a furrow of lava damage.

Flaming quiver

When a player throws a flaming quiver, this enchantment leaves a burning path on the ground and damage them wherever they walk.

Other useful enchantments

  • Blast protection
  • projectile protection
  • Feather falling
  • Luck of the sea
  • Bane of arthropods
  • Depth strider
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Aqua affinity

Minecraft enjoys a loyal consumer base due to its regular updates and improvements, which doesn’t compromise the game’s originality.

Final Words

Minecraft had recently released an update with features falling like added netherite, soul sand valley biome, no gaps between walls, added hoglins, and added new nether blocks.

The game tends to keeps you on your toes and ensures that you don’t get bored by persuading you to explore all the modes and activities in the game.

It is known to eliminate the gap between experienced architects and amateurs by being flexible to the visions of the gamers. It is also open to all ages, thus shattering an age stereotype as well.

The game avoids perfectionist graphics and gives a ‘building block’ type of visual stimulation, allowing you to let go and let your imagination run wild! So keep calm and keep gaming!

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