Gods Of Boom Tips And Tricks For Pro

Are you looking for Gods Of Boom tips and tricks by using which you can become a pro player in the game?

Well, today, we have summarized the top 11 Gods Of Boom tips and tricks, which can be implemented in any game and become a pro legend.

Gods Of Boom android game is developed by “Game Insight,” which has 50 million installs from the Google Play game. Gods Of Boom is no one game in its category of Gun PvP battle.

Features of Gods Of Boom

Some of the best features of Gods Of Boom are

  • Easy control with no tension of finding the fire button
  • Vivid Graphics to mimic clear visuals
  • Best PVP battles in mobile games
  • Great character customization
  • Regular season events to earn more game goodies
  • Pro Play mode – gets recognition as a global team
  • Hundred of guns and other game items available
  • Join ESPORTS to receive more than $500,000 cash

Category of weapons in Gods Of Boom

There are six categories of weapons in Gods Of Boom, from which you can choose you mighty beast

  • Assault Rifles – long distant gun
  • Shotguns – can be used only in shorter range
  • Rifles – used for mid and long-range
  • Machine Guns – can be used in short and mid-range
  • Pistols – it can only use in close range
  • Knives – can only be used when you did not get any weapon

Top 11 Gods Of Boom Tips and Tricks

Let’s find out the top 11 Gods Of Boom Tips and Tricks, which can place you into the top league in the game.

Know your weapon & Scenario

Gods Of Boom has many maps and Scenario which you need to understand with your weapon before you plunge into the game. All the weapons belong to some category, and you should know how these weapon works before you start your battle.

Choose Correct Gods Of Boom Weapons

Gods Of Boom have six weapon categories

All weapons belong to these categories, and they have their pro and cons

Weapon Name

Weapon NameDescription
Assault RiflesThese are useful for longer distance
ShotgunsUsed for short-distance range
RiflesThese are a multipurpose gun, close or mid and long-range
Machine GunsThese are used when you are surrounded by a huge enemy
PistolsUsed in close range
KnivesUsed in close range and when you did not want to make noise

Now, depending on the game scenario, you can choose guns, like for desert maps, choose sniper rifles. Whereas for the metro train and farmhouse, give focus on a shotgun and machine gun.

Always keep on changing guns when a situation arises and keep on an experiment with a gun.

Aim For Head

“Headshot win the match.”

Well, it is right for every shooting game which you will play, a headshot will always win the match. Headshot means shooting bullets to the enemy head and killing him instantly without any remorse.

Gods Of Boom headshot Tips

Headshot also ensures that you do not spend more bullets, and you did not spend on gun reload. A headshot is challenging to get as maximum players tend to shoot at the torso or legs of the enemy.

But if you follow our guidelines, then we will teach you the headshot with drag.

Give Headshot with Drag shot

  • So, to make a headshot, you need to follow the drag shot which is very easy if you follow these points
  • First, make sure that your crosshair in on the middle of the torso of the enemy
  • Now, drag or take your mobile upward so that your crosshair more upper side
  • This will give the enemy a headshot
  • Now, this might seem difficult for the first time, but with practice, you can overcome this problem
  • Always remember, try to move your crosshair to as much near to your enemy head as you can and then give the drag shot

Get Points in multiple killing

In Gods Of Boom, multiple killing is called “Killstreaks,” which means you have killed an enemy in succession. If you happen to kill enemies in series, then the game will award you with free bonus points.

Now, you all know, the person with more bonus points will get more chunks of money when the game ends. Killing in succession will also ensure your team’s chances of winning the game or round.

Points which are awarded for killing in succession or killstreaks

  • 12 points – kill 02 enemies in succession
  • 25 points – kill 03 enemies in succession

So, if you are master in killstreaks, then your team will definitely win.

Participate in team objective

Gods Of Boom is a team game, which means you need to be move with your team and make sure that you participate in team objectives. Do not venture alone; move with your team for an easy win.

If you are moving with your team, you can help your teammate with ammunition, medi-kits, and revive them while they get shot.
If you are participating with your team, then you can choose these weapons according to your position.

  • Front: moving in front position is very challenging, and you should keep assault with a shotgun with you.
  • Middle: Moving in the middle position is very safe, and you can use assault with a machine gun to seep enemy.
  • Rear: rear position member, should keep sniper rifle to take a long-distance shot.

Give importance to protective gear

After weapon, the most important item in Gods Of Boom is protective gear, which means you need to invest money in good armor. Now, Gods Of Boom has three types of armor which are as follows

  • Head armor
  • Torso armor
  • Legs armor

Go to the main dashboard and keep on upgrading or purchasing new protective gear, which can help you in any battle.
Always remember to take your best upgraded protective gear in the war or PVP battles, so that you can win any battle with ease.

Purchase big weapon

Gods Of Boom is a game of mighty guns, and any player who owns the latest or the advance gun will win the battle with a snap. Gods Of Boom game is designed in such a way that victory is always with the person with big guns.

So, keep on investing in big guns with more power, range, less recoil, more magazine capacity. Keep on wining money and upgrading your weapons.

Take part in season events

Gods Of Boom Season Events

Gods Of Boom has introduced season events which will give you many valuable game items, such as

  • Weapons (guns)
  • Characters in cosmetics
  • Weapon skins
  • Mask or costumes
  • Insignias

So, if you are taking part in these regular seasonal events, you will receive new and updated weapons that can be used in battle to win matches.

Grenades are game-changer

The most powerful item in Gods Of Boom is Grenade, which can kill hordes of an enemy with one go. Grenades are free, and you can always start the game with 02 grenades in any game.

If you happen to surround by the enemy, then your best option is to throw grenades, which can help you escape from that enemy or clear them.

Grenades have more power than any other weapon in Gods Of Boom, which means you can use them to eliminates enemies when you are a corner or hiding in a room.

Find the best position

Always try to find the best position in any Gods Of Boom maps or scenarios, from where you can shoot your enemy and hide. Choose a high position also seems to help people to get maximum killing.

The high position is good when you have a sniper rifle and when you have a right hiding place. Always remember to change position after you kill any enemy, as they will know your position after getting killed.

Pick enemy weapon

Whenever you kill any enemy, you will find for some seconds; his weapon will be on display, which means you can take those if you want. Taking enemy weapon also ensure that you will never be out of ammunition.

Always keep an eye on your enemy weapon; if you find that those weapons are upgraded or have higher power than yours, then pick them and start fighting.

Invite real friends

Try to invite your real friends in your team, so that you will have trust in them. If you want to win Gods Of Boom battle, then you should know your team composition, which means you should have full faith in your team members.

Choose those team members who participate in team ideology or gameplay; if you think any team member is not following, the team rule then does not include him in the next gameplay.

Final words

So, these the top 11 Gods Of Boom tips and tricks which you can implement to get into the pro league and win every match.

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