Best Free Beat Making Software

Free Beat Making Software – Best Picked

Beats are the heart and soul of any music which is produced as a treat to the ears. With various technological advancements in this 21st century, making beats has never been so easy.

If one wants to draft, create, compose, or edit beats, then this article is the one! Here we are going to discuss some of the best free Beat making software, which can be installed and accessed by any potential musician, or a beat producer, professional beat creator, and music producer.

Best Free Beat Making Software 2020

Beat Making Softwares is capable enough to deliver desirable results, which gives a competent rise to baseless and incomplete music pieces.

Following is the last which mentions few best free beat making software


LMMS stands for Let’s Make Music, and this software is all a beginner needs to create incredible beats for their Music. This software is free and open-source and can be accessed by any musician.


One of the best things about this software is that it can be operated on Mac, Windows, and Linux. This software allows the users to create, edit, and mix the beats and music as much as they like.

With various useful set of tools like MIDI, playback VST, built-in synthesizer, instrument bridge, it becomes really easy for the users to create the Music and bats as per their preferences.

LMMS offers various incredible features along with fantastic value. It is the perfect choice for beginners and absolutely worth giving a try.

Pro Tools First

Launched and created by Avid Pro Tools First is one of the best free beat making software which can be availed by the music creators and producers. This software comes with a unique freemium model.

Pro Tools First

With this software, the users can create 16 audio and MIDI tracks. Along with 20 pro FX and processors, which include compressors, EQs, reverbs, Pro Tools First, also consist of various other creative sets of tools and effects.

The interface of Pro Tools First is very easy to install and access.

It includes two main views-mix views and tracks views. With Mix View, the users can adjust sliders and pans along with some other control systems involved in the mixed level of inputs and outputs.

When talking about the Track View, it offers the users the facility of controlling and editing the waveforms, midi tracks, audio tracks, and beat samples. Pro Tools First comes with fantastic software known as Xpand.

Tracktion T7 Daw

Another very marvelous free beat making software included in this list is Tracktion T7 Daw. Though the functions of this software are different, they offer various effective effects and tools which can be used by the beat creators.

Tracktion T7 Daw

This software offers an older version of the DWA without any cost. It is very easy to use and simple to navigate.

This software includes features that help the users to create music beats. This software contains various training videos accompanied with proper documentation and perfect technical and edit support.


Through Gargeband is compatible only Mac, it offers a various professional and upgraded set of tools which can be used to edit and create almost any level of music production.


This software offers various effects tools and options which can be used and accessed by the creators. They can select the features under different music modifications categories like blank projects, hip hop, electronic, or multitrack.

Once the users select the desired set of options, the rest steps are taken by Gargeband. It presents the best-suited models and effects.

Garageband includes best in class features like full MIDI compatibility, time-stretching tools, automation controls, and Smart Drum Kits. This software can efficiently be used by beginners or those who have zero experience in this field.

Garageband is straightforward to navigate.

FL Studio

Another pro-level software preferred by various professional beat makers is FL Studio. With the free version of this software, the users can gain full access to its DEW and its related plugins.

FL Studio 20

With this facility, users can explore and use any editing tools offered by the software. The interface of this software is ultra-clean and is usable in every sense.

This software works smoothly, and its users can apply various editing options to their music pieces. With features like automation, mixer, and waveform view, this software becomes the best in the market.

With its world-famous step sequencer, this software can create the best Music and the beast. The services and features offered by this software are easy to use, apply, and control.

Studio One 4 Prime

Last but not least, Studio One 4 Prime is another very incredible free of cost beat making software, which includes its various amazing features and modification components into one seamless motion.

Studio One 4 Prime

With the perfect interface, this software allows the users to efficiently control the DAN’s 1 GB of free samples along with nine software plugins and a smart browser.

With this software, the users can create and produce an unlimited amount of audios and MIDI Tracks.

This software offers automation of tracks,pro-level algorithms along with professional time-stretching tools. With its 9 FX processors, the users can control limiters, processors, bundled loops, samples, reverbs, and EQs.

Without a doubt, we can state that this software is among the best free beat making software available in the market.

Beat making is not an easy task. It involves a various professional and technical set of components which should be accessed in a very efficient manner.

With various incredible software now being introduced, the potential musicians and the music creators now can dream of making the beats and Music as per the choice and preference.

The creators can now access various free beat-making tools and software without even undergoing any trouble or facing any severe technical issues, which appeals to the masses.

It isn’t easy to choose the best software from the list mentioned above since they all are incredible and offer professionalized editing and beat creating facilities.

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