Earn Free Amazon Gift Card Codes [ List 2020]

Amazon.com has always been a lifesaver when it comes to the last minute shopping. From the comfort of your own home, you could shop at a discount and go about your daily activities.

Are you running a little low on cash? But how do you shop without going broke? Well, don’t worry, Amazon Gift Card Codes are here to the rescue. Amazon Gift Cards are usually earned and redeemed after doing a few simple tasks or taking surveys.

Finding the right Website and App is quite tricky as you would want to avoid scams and make sure that the tasks were worthwhile.

How To avail free Amazon Gift Card Codes


Think you’re too judgy? Well, don’t worry because InboxDollars will pay you for your opinion. The website gives you $5 just for signing up. You also earn bonuses every time a friend uses your referral code.


The website pays you to shop online, play games, watch videos, and do web searches or even sign up for offers.


PrizeRebel is another legitimate website from where you could avail Amazon Gift Card Codes. You need to be at least 16 years to join.


You can get points for doing activities like referring your friends, completing offers, performing microtasks online, watching videos, or even through taking surveys.

The points you earn can be redeemed in the form of gift cards cash or even contests and Raffles.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a market research company, it is a legitimate way to make a little extra cash, and you needn’t worry about any scams because the company has earned an A+ rating from the better business bureau.


All you have to do is sign up and take surveys. You earn points for each survey, and you can cash out 1000 points at a time. Every 1000 points are worth $10. Amazon Gift Cards are the most common form of redeeming these points.

Harris Poll

The Harris Poll is actually from a company that is a market research and global consulting firm, i.e., Harris Insights and Analytics. You must be at least 18 years old to take the surveys.

The Harris Poll

The surveys are generally related to consumer habits and currents events. Apart from just earning points, there are frequent cash draws that help you earn a few extra bucks. The points can be redeemed to get free Amazon Gift Card Codes.

On the move? Well don’t worry because here are few apps from where you could redeem free Amazon Gift Card Codes:



Bananatic is an app that allows you to earn gift cards just by testing games you can redeem your points for prizes, but Amazon Gift Cards are the most common reward options.

Microsoft Rewards app

By using the Microsoft Rewards app, you can earn an Amazon gift card just by making simple changes. For example, you have to make Bing your default search engine.

You can earn Reward points for every search you make on the website; you will get five points. With 5000 points, you can get a five dollar Amazon gift card.

Shopkick App

The Shopkick app allows you to earn reward points in three different ways. First, you could walk in the store and scan barcodes. Second, you could view online stores and record their prices, and third, you could watch videos.

ShopKick App

You earn points for making a purchase. Sometimes you don’t even need investment to earn the points; hence this app is a little different from routine shopping apps, and thus you could easily earn free Amazon Gift Cards.

Recyclebank App

The Recyclebank app is a green initiative and rewards you for recycling and for being environmentally friendly. The app rewards you for reading and learning online and not using a paper product.

Recyclebank App

You earn points for the tasks you do, and you can then redeem them into Amazon Gift Card Codes.

Promotional Offers

A meaningful way to keep from poking holes into your pocket is by using promotional offers. Websites like groupon.com, coupons.com, honey, or givingassistant.org offer you promo codes and other offers to keep your spending minimal.

You could get free samples and discounts of up to 80% off with these promotional offers. All you have to do to redeem these offers is select the offer you want, get the promo code and type it in at the time of purchasing a product on the Amazon website.

Amazon also makes a point of having promotional offers all year round. This is in the form of cash-backs, gift cards, discounts, or all of the above if you use a specific credit card and cross the minimum amount to be spent.

Here’s How to Buy Products from Amazon without Paying a Cent:

Gift cards are the easiest way to get stuff from Amazon without paying any money at all. You can redeem all gift cards as long as they aren’t expired.

You can also offer reviews to sellers on the Amazon site. Sometimes they offer you free products for your authentic reviews. The Cashbackbase.com website offers Amazon products at 100% discount.

The website updates free products every day, and you would find that these products are actually of very good quality and high-value.

Product Reviews

Some Facebook groups pay you for leaving comments and reviews on their Facebook pages. The tomoson.com website is directed towards influencers.

They offer their reviews, which tend to be quite powerful, and the sellers give them free products in return.

Amazon pro reviewer is similar to the previous website; you need to be highly successful and influential. This website generally works for YouTubers who have their own YouTube channel with a large number of subscribers.

They get free products for demonstrating on videos or to give the reviews in their YouTube videos.

Amazon Vine reviewer is a concept introduced by Amazon itself. The company chooses ‘vine voices’ who are generally selected based on the reviews that they have provided in the past.

Amazon provides these voices with free products for reviews, which are typically trusted by the company and the customers.

Are there 500$ Amazon Gift Cards?

You could find Amazon Gift Cards in participating drug stores grocery stores and convenience stores anywhere in the US. You can find denominations of $15, $25, $50, and $100 gift cards.

You can also choose a denomination card which can be loaded with an amount ranging from $25-$500. You can even earn $500 gift cards as rewards from websites like Swagbucks or thecardcloset.com.

How to redeem an Amazon gift card:

If you are lucky enough to earn or receive an Amazon gift card, this is how you redeem it:

Thtrough Amazon.com Website

  1. The first method is to open a web browser and sign in to the amazon.com website, and on the right side of the search bar, you will find a bar named accounts & lists.
  2. On your account page, select the tab gift cards now you can see your current balance and your previous transaction activity, and you can see your gift card balance here you can click on redeem a gift card.
  3. The next step is to enter a claim code that is found on the back of the gift card, and Amazon will inform you how much money you got left on the card click on apply to hear balance and transfer the money to your Amazon account.
  4. That’s it now the money will be available to use next time you purchase an item from Amazon this process can also be done right before your purchase.
  5. Ensure that you use the gift card before it expires.

Through Amazon Application

The second method can only be used by customers who use the Amazon app.

  1. You must open the app and find the items you want to buy and add them to your cart.
  2. Once you’re finished adding these items, click on the shopping cart icon and proceed to checkout.
  3. When you scroll down, you will be able to view your payment information, and in the gift card or promo code bar, you need to enter the code.
  4. You can use your phone camera by scanning the code on the back of the gift card. Now you can use this gift card for your purchases.


Though there is a massive demand for free Amazon Gift Card Codes online, there is also an endless number of options. It’s not that hard to earn a few bucks, and these websites and apps help you find a fun way to earn these gift cards.

This could be a lifesaver during the holidays or any celebration. Gift cards are also the perfect present. They are flexible, and if you don’t know what to get for your friend or your first cousin’s daughter’s friend’s bar mitzvah (god forbid).

A gift card is a smart option and is excellent either while giving or receiving. Before you enroll yourself on any other website to earn gift cards, ensure that the site is genuine and doesn’t use your data for any other purpose.

Well, there you have it, folks! Happy Shopping!

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