How To Cast To Firestick From Android And iOS

Wouldn’t it be amazing to stream your favorite videos and movies on a big screen too without any interruption? In the current scenario, with the availability of firesticks, which allows the users to access various movies, series, and other streaming facilities, people now go for big-screen options.

Well, to enjoy the firestick services on your big tv screen or home theater, people need to follow the procedure of casting their android or ios device to the TV.

It seems a little tricky since there is no option of connecting your android or ios device directly to the Fire TV. With various third-party applications and simple steps, one can easily cast their Firestick from either Android or ios devices.

But certain things need to be cleared before mentioning the steps for the casting of Firestick.

Why is VPN Important?

No matter how careful you might get while casting the fire stick by using various applications, there is always a chance of interfering with your online activities.

The government conducts massive user data surveillance to keep an eye on the users engaging in online programs. On the other hand, hackers can also invade your privacy through unencrypted traffic methods. Here is when a VPN comes to your rescue.

With the usage of a VPN, the user can block their private internet affairs.VPN seizes any location and activity of the user.

How To Cast To Firestick From Android

First and foremost, we are going to mention android devices and how one can cast Firestick from it. It is essential to the mansion that following the procedure is not an easy task.

In earlier times, people used Miracast protocol for connecting their android devices to the TV. Miracast was introduced on Android 4.2, but later on, Google disabled it and went on promoting the Chromecast devices.

It is critical to download a mirroring application which the user can use to cast Firestick from android. There are many such apps, and we are going to discuss it in the latter part of the article.

For now, we are going to mention one of the most used mirroring apps, which is AllCast.It is easy to download and can be used for casting purposes.

Go through the following steps for casting Firestick from Android.

The first step is to install AllCast, the casting app on your Firestick and android device.

Follow the steps to download the application on your firestick.

  • Then carefully install and launch Firestick on your TV.
  • After successfully installing the Firestick, enter the keyword ‘all cast.’
  • Find the app AllCast.
  • After locating the app, click on the download option. The app will be installed on your Firestick.
  • After installing the application on your Firestick, a message will arrive, which asks you to download it on your android phone.
  • Download the All Cast app form Google Play Store.

Then begin with the process of casting of android videos and photos to Firestick

  • After the installation process, you will see the message of ‘Searching for players.’
  • Click on the firestick image appearing on your android device.
  • You may see the motion of ‘connected’ just below the text of MT (which is the name of amazon account)Fire TV stick.
  • Below the written text, you may now see various options like Google Drive, Google+, Gallery, Audio, and File Browser.

That’s it. Now you can see all the files appearing on your big TV screen. For instance, if you click on the option of ‘video,’ all the files will be cast on the television screen.

If you have to stop the casting process, tap stop’ option, which can be seen on the top right of the TV Screen.
Confirm the process by tapping ‘OK.’

With these steps, the user can cast Firestick from Android.

Apart from the All Cast app, the users can also download the following mentioned applications.

All Connect

This application allows the users to access the personal media of the users like gallery images, files, or videos to be viewed on the big screen after the casting process. The user can also stream movies, TV series, and Web Series as well.


Airscren cast is one of the most advanced casting applications, and it can be used for casting Firestick from the Android devices as well as Windows and Ios devices.

How To Cast To Firestick From Ios

Now we talk about how to cast Firestick from ios. When casting from ios, we need some applications, just like in the case of android devices. Here we are talking about one of the best apps for ios casting, which is AirScreen.

Follow the below-mentioned steps for the casting process.

  • The first step is to get the search option of your Fire TV Device and type ‘air screen.’ Click when it appears.
  • After selecting the app, click on the option of download and wait for the file to be installed completely.
  • A message pops up after a successful installation. Click ‘open’.
  • After opening the file, the Airscreen app will be launched.
  • Then go to the option of setting and click on the device name.
  • Enter a name for your Firestick and proceed.
  • Once completed the naming process, click ‘next’ and then ‘OK.’
  • Open your ios device and go to the setting option, where you can tap ‘Screen Monitoring.’
  • Then select your Firestick device.
  • After enabling your fire TV stick, you can now access your videos, file, music, and images from your ios device to the big screen.

Thus, these were the steps, which can be used to cast Firestick from IOS.

Other applications which can be used apart from Airsceen are mentioned below

Airplay Mirror

This application can efficiently work for both ios devices and Mac hardware. The users can stream movies, videos, images, series, and files, along with other apps like Youtube and Netflix on the big TV screen.

Airbeam Tvs

The application can smoothly work on all iPhone and iPad devices. This particular application is also compatible with MacPCs.

Thus with the steps mentioned above, one can easily cast the fire sticks with both their android as well as IOS devices and can stream their favorite movies, series, and images on a big TV Screen with highquality content.

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