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Best Alternatives 2020 [Working]

Here in this article, we will discuss the alternative of one of the most popular video streaming sites, Besides the website service, is also a mobile application easily accessed by the potential users. was launched in 2014 in the United States. The users were able to browse and watch the contents in real-time through this site’s service. is easy to install and access. Through this site, the host can create a room and can invite his friends or any other members, and they can share the streaming content with the help of a virtual computer known as ‘Rabbitcast.’

It also offers text and video chat facilities to the users.

Though it is one of the best streaming sites one could, some issues can be faced by the users. Here we are going to mention some other incredible streaming sites, which can be seen as the alternatives of

These sites are also highly functional and can be used to stream online content in real-time.

Following are the alternatives of Rabbit


The first site, which can be regarded as one of the best alternatives of is Rave. This social media platform is a web-based media center.


The users can easily share their preferred videos and music they are watching and streaming with their friends and family. One of the best features of this site is that the users can also share the streaming content through mobile devices.

It also supports various other essential platforms, including Viki, Google Drive, Reddit, Vimeo, Youtube, and Dropbox. Rave can function smoothly with every device, and the creators now have launched the mobile application version for both Ios and Android.


Another fantastic alternative mentioned in this list is Kosmi. This site offers users to create virtual hangouts with their friends and family.

Kosmi Rabbit Alternative

The users can enjoy various facilities like creating a room for chatting over webcam and microphone, even without installing or signing up.

The users can share the screen and browser tab if they wish to stream the video together. The user can also enjoy synced local video files.

Another incredible feature of Kosmi is that the users can play games of Quack 3 and also start an NES and SNES Emulator, which can be played by the other members of the room. Kosmi also allows us to watch synced Youtube videos.

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The room created can be joined easily by using a URL, published in its public lobby, where anyone can request to join the room. To offer a perfect real-time app experience, Kosmi is backed by incredible web technologies like WebRTC and Websockets.

Netflix Party

An extension to Google Chrome, Netflix Party, is an ultimate alternative of one thing should be kept in mind, that for using this site, the users need to install the browser extension.

Netflix Party

This will enable them to share the worthy stream content. One the users have added the extension, all they have to do is to log in to the Netflix account and select the desired video.

And the users, after creating the ‘Netflix party’ can invite their friends or family and share the screen very easily. They can also chat in real-time though it is necessary to mention that this extension does not work with any other local content or streaming platform.


Another very ultimate alternative of is Airtime. This is a mobile application that is available for both Android and IOS devices.


This can be regarded as one of the best sites because it is efficiently created to share everyone on the mobile device to friends and family.irrespective of their location.

By just creating a room, the users can stream online content together along with watching videos, listening to music, enjoying group video chats and calls, and even send messages.

With Airtime, the users can also watch synced videos from Youtube and can listen to music from Spotify. Another very fascinating feature of Artime is that the users can play various games and can share Gifs.


With a proper remote connection, this incredible web-based chat service, allows users to watch and stream synced videos with their friends and family members.

Synaptop is free to use, but it requires the users to create their respective accounts for accessing this site.

The users can add various applications, one they have to create their accounts. Through this site, the users can watch videos and movies, stream online content, play games, listen to music, read ebooks, and can work on projects together. The fact that this app is web-based, the user needs not to download anything.

My Circle Tv

Another very remarkable site included in the list is My Circle TV. Without even creating an account, users can start streaming online content, watch movies, and listen to music.

My Circle Tv

My Circle TVs a web-based program and allows the user to set up their private chat room. It is really easy to navigate, and the users can stream content from Youtube and many other video sites.

It even allows the users to create a Playlist and upload their video. Through My Circle TV, the users can invite friends and family members using a social share feature available on this site. All they have to do is to share a link through Facebook or Twitter.

Together Tv

Without a doubt, we can say that Togher TV is the best alternative of since it allows the user to stream online content form various popular platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

With a web-based interface, users can access synced video files. The users can stream video and music directly from their computer devices, without sharing the login information.

With the help of a microphone, the users can also use audio chat with their friends and family members. This application is free to use.

Thus these were some of the best Rabbit alternatives which are capable enough to offer an ultimate real-time video and music streaming faculty to the users of all around the world.

With just a few basic and simple steps, the users can easily stream and access various online content from popular social media platforms.

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