List of best Plex Plugins

Best Plex Plugins You Must Try in 2020

One of the most widely asked questions, across different forums this year is,

Do Plex plugins still work?

“Are the Plex plugins available or not?” Or “Do Plex plugins still work?”

Technology newbies all around the world and new users of Plex are all very confused about this. The plentitude of articles on how great is Plex. Plugins are or those multiple articles on the best Plex Plugins don’t make the situation any less confusing. Straight away, the answer is no; Plex plugins are not available.

On a detailed note, Plex belongs to the topmost layer of media server software, developed mainly to cater to your media consumption needs. A very much advanced media server software, Plex provides the user with means to store and organize all the user’s media on one device and let them access it on another, be it a Personal Computer or a Network Attached Storage.

On top of that, Plex is providing service with on-the-fly transcoding. Thus it automatically adjusts the quality with relation to the stream based on the network’s bandwidth providing a seamless streaming experience.

Why did Plex remove plugins?

While using Plex, it is advised to use Plugins, even though Plex alone would easily avail for most of our requirements. That is because Plugins let the user get more out of the service provided by Plex. But Plex, a couple of years ago, shut down the plugin directory. This left the users at a disadvantage, and they had to suffice it by sideloading plugins.

Plex removed plugins mainly because of the Technical difficulties it faced. Plex decided to scrap all of the plugins shortly afterward; they announced the shutting down of the Plex Cloud service due to technical problems.

Interestingly, Plex didn’t stop there. They took further steps to scrape off the entire support for plugin systems thoroughly. This put the Plex users in a spot where running plugins on the server utterly impossible, even if you manage to install them.

Even then, if you somehow run into an older version of Plex, it is completely possible to use plugins. While it is highly recommended not to use one for security reasons, if you ever end up with one, this article will come in handy.

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How To Install Plugins on Plex

To install a Plex Plugin manually, there are two ways. But certain conditions need to be fulfilled before doing that. First of all, the user needs to have access to the system that is running the Plex media server app. Then you have to grab the necessary files for the plugins you want to install.

Mostly they use the .BUNDLE extension. And since these files will be compressed, they should be extracted before using them. These files are available on the official Plex user forums’ Plugins section or in sites like GitHub and Reddit.

The first way is to

  • Right-click the Plex icon available in the user’s taskbar.
  • Select the folder, Open Plugins.
  • Navigate to the Plex installation drive.
  • Manually open the Plugins folder.
  • On Windows, you’ll find it at %LOCALAPPDATA%\Plex Media Server\Plug-ins
  • On Mac; it’s at ~/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins.
    On Linux, you will find it in $PLEX_HOME/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins.
  • Drag and drop the previously downloaded BUNDLE file into the plugin folder.
  • There is no other installation process.

Another way is to download form Unsupported AppStore.

List Of Best Plex Plugins 2020


Webtools is the most appreciated plugin of all the best Plex plugins. It is not just a plugin. It also serves as a collection of various utilities that helps the user manage the Plex server better.

Developed on an open-source project, Webtools has a web server built-in with a highly responsive web interface that makes it easy for users to view or manage their Plex server on any device.

There are several server management functionalities too. It also includes the Unsupported Appstore. It has a subtitle management module, and also a playlist management module.


This plugin creates an unparalleled media streaming services by integrating free T.V. channels. It has over 600 channels that are not blocked by a paywall. It covers channels from various categories like Sports, horror, comedy, drama, etc.

It also streams content from different countries. It used to be a great plugin that let the viewers watch U.K. Television networks legally. It streams content from various countries despite the Geolocation factor.


This plugin provides the viewers with accurate subtitles for content streamed in foreign languages. The sub-Zero plugin claims that they search more or less ten individual subtitles providing websites and API’s, before selecting and further downloading the best one from the lot.

It also consists of a background task scheduler that is its own, which searches for the latest media content and better subtitles for the currently existing media periodically.

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Sub-Zero also offers several tools for customizing subtitles such as offset, timing, color, and the removal of H.I. tags for people with impaired hearing. Thus this plugin offers a holistic way of managing subtitles.

The ITV Player

The ITV player lets the viewer watch some of the most popular U.K. television series like the Sherlock. It is better to use VPN while using this plugin. Moreover, if the user is U.K. based, then they would be able to use the unofficial version of this plugin to access the most recent shows in the network.


A very handy plugin, IPTV brings live T.V. experience as many networks broadcast their shows through this plugin. Once you have an M3U playlist or a streaming URL, you can add content to this app. A large number of playlists available via this plugin can be found out by searching on google.

If you are somebody who has never used before, watch the ads in Wiki. It has all the necessary information regarding this. This provides a Cable T.V. experience to the viewers by adding News channels, movies, and so on to the watchlist.


This plugin is a must-have for those who want to share their plex library with others. It includes a statistics of programs watched, to be watched, by whom when, where, etc., it also notifies other when new content is added into your plex library

Manga Here

For all the manga fans out there, Manga Here is an incredible plugin to add. This plugin serves as an interface to read Manga without visiting the manga website by providing it in Plex itself.

Plex Export

This plugin allows the users to share information about their server, without letting others indulge in it by creating an HTML page with necessary information regarding the media stores in the Plex media server. It filters content in each section after analyzing it based on actors, genres, etc., and sort the titles by rating, year, popularity, etc.


This article is intended to provide a better understanding of best Plex plugins and the latest developments in that sector. This is supposed to serve as an update to all the tech newbies out there, and a fun read to all the tech-savvy readers.

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