Best Meme Apps 2020

7 Best Meme Apps You Should Use in 2020

Memes are the cartoons of the modern age, just more effective!

The internet memes hold the capacity to spread far and wide and reach many audiences. Moreover, it has turned out to be one of the favorite ways people use to criticize the day to day happenings comically and effectively, harboring no ill will.

A little sprinkle of memes, vine, or roast video is like a health check-up in the modern age. The makers of memes have made sure, nobody gets out of their karma, because memes are like karma backfiring but causing the viewers to laugh.

If you are one of those fellow aspiring meme-makers, here is a list of seven apps that can turn you into a professional meme maker. Even if you are not an aspiring meme maker but was struck with a great meme idea, but does not know how to create it.

Best Meme Apps 2020

The below-mentioned apps can make the process simple. So tune in here for some educational meme related content.


One of the most decent meme generators out there, mematic tops this list of memes generating apps. Mematic has a library of meme templates of some classic, as well as recent memes. With the help of the search button, you could also access a vast library of popular GIFs and images. You can also upload the photos of your choice and create memes using them.


These features help to fill up the deficiencies in the meme library of the app. The simple user interface makes it easier for most people who use the apps to create memes without further complications. Mematic is free and has no in-app purchases. Minus the advertisements and occasional bugs, this app is a gem to the meme makers.


Another one of the widely used memes generating app, Memedroid, is older than most of the meme generating apps currently available. This meme app features the usual stuff necessary for creating memes.


With a library consisting of meme templates, both classic and recent, Memedroid also has the most famous images and GIFs.

This app also lets the meme maker upload GIFs and images form the system of their changes and make necessary edits to it, even adding captions and generating hilarious memes. It also lets you surf memes and makes memes of your own.

Memedroid does not have a lot of extra features. Minus the ads and the app’s crashing from time to time, this app is a pretty good meme generating app.

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Meme Generator by Zombodroid

This meme generating app is one of the most refreshing memes generating apps with many different features form Mematic and Memedroid. This app provides all the features provided by the former two apps, including a library with classic and recent meme templates.

Meme Generator by Zombodroid

But this library is an improved version of the libraries of earlier apps, with over 1000 meme templates and frequent recent updates with newer memes.

Along with this feature, it also has popular images and GIFs that can be edited for meme-making and lets the user edit images and GIFs of their choice uploaded form their system to make memes. The problem of ads is solved by providing a paid version with no ads.

ZomboDroid’s meme generator also consists of a meme soundboard and a video and GIF meme app, which lets the meme maker or meme surfer surf different types of media memes. Moreover, an older version of ZomboDroid’s meme generator is also available for Samsung devices due to a bug that could not be fixed.


This is a place where all the meme-makers and meme viewers come for a visit regularly. Started as an image hosting site, this site is the source of all the latest meme for all the meme lovers.


Imgur was started as a sharing utility for the website Reddit. It has grown out of Reddit’s shade and has become a place where many GIFs, memes, and even many of the viral images are born.

With loyal followers and the must-read comment section and so many inside jokes, Imgur has grown bigger as a community of its own. The Imgur MemeGen is an addition to this site, that lets the meme-makers create and share memes of their own. With over 135000 templates to choose, this is another useful app that lets the meme-makers have their fun.

Memasik – Meme Maker Free

Another hub of meme maker, Memasik allows the user to generate memes that have texts as captions and have Stickers and emojis. It also provides the user with an extensive database of memes and useable meme templates, be it classic or recent, updated regularly.

Memasik - Meme Maker Free

Like its fellow meme-making apps, Memasik also lets the meme maker use their images, GIFs, stickers, etc.; it also lets the user draw on the memes to write messages in the maker’s handwriting.

Video & GIF Memes

Another user-friendly meme-making app, Video & GIF Memes, allows you to create GIF and video memes on the user’s mobile device.

Video & GIF Memes

This app provides the meme maker with millions of GIFs to edit and share. One can upload videos or GIFs and make edits to create their memes. It even supports mixed input of different types of files, and then create one output file out of it.

It allows the user to trim the video and use only the part of the video that they need to generate the meme. If you want to add multiple captions to GIFs and videos, the Video & GIF Memes app lets the meme maker do that.

It also provides the user with numerous video settings like speed, quality, Frame rate, repetition, reverse playback. As an added merit, it supports Instagram. An added benefit of this app will be that it has a Video & GIF Memes pro version of the app that has no advertisements.


9gag is not a meme making app but a website and app where memes are reposted and tagged. The app lets the user upload and tag memes and videos exclusively. It also has discussion boards where various topics are discussed. Any meme lover can find communities they are interested in to have meme relate discussions.


The save posts feature in the app, let the user save their favorite memes. And the local session in the app provides memes, lovers, with an opportunity to see the latest memes from their own country. The 9GAG PRO & PRO+ lets the user have an ad-free experience and extra features and perks.


Now, go on and charge your wit with these highly hilarious memes and tone your abs by laughing. Better yet, make memes on your friends and classroom situations as well as home and lockdown situations.

Sprinkle laughter with your meme and vine videos, making them help the above-mentioned meme-making apps. Please share this article with your friends; let them make memes too.

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