Best apps to get free in-app purchases

Best Apps To Get Free In-App Purchases 2020

You must have so many apps on your android phone that is not a premium version.

And there are so many amazing apps on the play store that you want, but most of them are not free. In the app, purchases hinder you from using the best features of any app, or multiple ads make it difficult for you to use it. Many times, this in-app purchases or premium versions can be harsh for your packet.

But need not worry, there are so many available that help you hack in-app purchases on your android device and use the best features and premium versions of apps. These apps will also help you make your apps ad-free.

In this article, I will tell you about some of the best apps you can use in your android devices to get free in-app purchases or premium versions to make your experience much better:

Best Apps To Get Free in-app Purchases

Cree Hack:

Cree hack is one app that helps you get an ad-free and free experience for your android games. It is helpful in hacking and unlocking various games. It is an essential tool to edit the android gaming directory, points, and many others.

  • No root required
  • Free for the users
  • Compatible for all android devices
  • All file sizes less than 1mb
  • Compatible for both root and non-rooted devices.

Appsara V1.0:

you don’t need to buy premium versions for your android games anymore. With appsara, you can easily play all your android games entirely free, and you can also hack any game asset with appsara.

  • It is compatible with all the android versions. specifically versions
  • more than 2.2
  • You can hack as many coins as you want. Hence, you can get the game and the objects numerous times.
  • User-friendly interface
  • No requirement for an android device to be rooted.
  • The minimal size of the app.

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Lucky Patcher:

This app is a great help to unlock any game, characters of the game, and any level. You can hoard as many coins, gems, and points you want without spending a penny.

  • You can get rid of the license verification directly from your android device.
  • You can instantly move all your apps to the SD card, saving your internal storage.
  • You can easily convert any app into a system app with root access.
  • Protection of app from google license verification

Leo Playcard:

this app works pretty much in the same way as a lucky patcher. You can hack your way through the apps and get the premium ad-free version quickly and enjoy numerous android games.

  • The minimal size of the app
  • No root requirement and can be easily synchronized with almost all other applications
  • With this app, you have control over all the objects in your games.
  • Compatible for all the modem games and android games.
  • In the latest versions, all the problems have been solved like “NO CARD FOUND” and it snows more user friendly.


This is another free app to get the premium versions and get in-app purchases for free. However, this app is not handy for games like most of the apps but is of great help while using other Android apps.

  • Block any unwanted website, popups and promotional ads
  • Updated routinely to be compatible for all android users
  • To take advantage of many android apps and diversions, it uses many patches and mods.
  • It is more consistent with every rooted android device.
  • Get free coins and other assets for free.


These apps provide a wide variety of game mods for smartphones and tablets.

  • Best for your favorite games like clash of clan, geometry dash, etc. and can pull you out of the tight spot.
  • Discuss and share your live game experience with your friends
  • They are always updated and supported for all the gadgets.
  • Multiple mod features to surpass and win over your opponent.
  • New exciting tools timely recommended downloading.

Apk Editor:

It is a beneficial and efficient tool that can help you hack your way through many of the tools of various android apps free of costs. String localization, image replacement, and eliminating permission removing, etc. can be done very conveniently with this app.

  • Instantly moves the app to the SD card.
  • Modifies app name and remove ads.
  • Compatible for app data editing
  • Support the patch feature
  • Free passes to your favorite games


Now, you don’t need to worry anymore. You can pick any of the apps mentioned above as per your requirement. Then, you can enjoy free games with all the features and assets. You don’t need to bother about your pockets and hack your way easily through all the premium versions and enjoy the best feature ad-free.

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